Silvania Paper & Packaging

Silvania was founded around the Latin American representation of a large North American kraft linerboard and sackkraft producer.  Through the years we have branched out to many different markets and qualities including paper and board specialties.

Today our portfolio includes virgin kraft linerboard, test linerboard, semi-chemical fluting, recycled medium, white-top linerboard, bleached and natural extensible sackkraft, flat multiwall sackkraft, MF & MG bleached & unbleached kraft papers, white & colored glassine, greaseproof paper & board, “tree free” papers, bleached board, coated and uncoated SBS, folding box board, clay coated duplex board, coated & uncoated SUS (carrierboard), standard, bulky, colored & improved newsprint, book papers, directory paper, uncoated wood-free, cut size papers, white & colored bristols, tissue and toweling and various specialties.

We also work closely with many of our suppliers to develop tailor made products and solutions for our customers. Contact us for more information.

Silvania Pulp

Our wood pulp knowledge runs deep within the company and goes back to the 1950’s.  It began with producers from Finland looking to sell their products overseas and later developed into trading agreements with producers in North and South America.

Today we work with many of the most well-known and low cost wood pulp producers and supply highly reputable multinational companies on three continents.  Being active in Asia, Europe and the Americas allows us to be well informed about the ever changing global market.  We work very closely with our principals and always look for ways to add value to their organizations.

Our portfolio of pulps includes bleached and unbleached softwood kraft, bleached eucalyptus kraft (including PEFC and FSC certified pulps), bleached sulphite, CTMP, fluff and secondary fibers. Contact us for more information.